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6314 – Silicone Braided Radiator Hose

6314 – Silicone Braided Radiator Hose

Petronthermoplast offers a variety of grades of nylon 6 rod. Because of its ease of machining, hardness, and high strength, it is a popular engineering plastic. Additional features include greater wear resistance, higher load-bearing qualities, metal detectability, and flame retardancy in different grades. Many grades of Nylon 6 rod are available for purchase online at PAR Direct; click on the links below to learn more about each grade.


Motor vehicle engine, radiator, heater and inter-cooler applications.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -50°C up to +180°C.
  • Blue silicone hose as standard (others available on request).
  • Compatible with coolant and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Outstanding resistance to ozone, weathering, tear and elongation.
  • Fluorosilicone lined hose required for conveying oils and fuels.
  • 4.5mm minimum silicone compound.
  • 100% fine mesh polyester reinforcements.
    • Minimum 3 ply for diameter < 50mm.
    • Minimum 4 ply for diameter > 50mm.
    • Minimum 5 ply for diameter > 102mm.
    • Minimum 6 ply for diameter > 168mm.
  • 0.57mm mesh thickness.


  • Hose meets requirements of SAE J20R1 class A.
  • Silicone compound tested to BS903 at pressed cured for 5 minutes at +115°C.


Other bespoke colours and sizes can be manufactured upon request.

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