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6314 – Silicone Braided Radiator Hose

6314 – Silicone Braided Radiator Hose

Our SAE J20R1 class A and BS903 tested silicone compound is utilised to make our 6314 silicone braided radiator hose, which has excellent physical and chemical compatibility when used with coolant and corrosion inhibitors. In comparison to other standard materials, the hose has increased elongation, weathering, ozone and tear resistance thanks to its 3, 4, 5 or 6 ply fine mesh polyester reinforcements (depending on the internal diameter).

Numerous sizes and forms of blue silicone hose are available as usual. Fluorosilicone coated hoses are necessary if a hose is needed to transport lubricants and fuels (available upon request). If you’re not sure which hose you need, contact us know. 


Applications include intercoolers, heaters, radiators, and motor vehicles.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -50°C to +180°C in terms of temperature
  • Standard silicone hose colour is blue (others available on request).
  • Compatible with corrosion inhibitors and coolant.
  • Very good resistance to ozone, weathering, rip, and elongation.
  • Hose with a fluorosilicone coating is needed to transport oils and fuels.
  • Silicone compound must be 4.5mm minimum.
  • Reinforcements made entirely of tiny mesh polyester.
    • For a diameter of less than 50mm, 3 plies are required.
    • For diameters more than 50mm, a minimum of 4 plies is required.
    • For diameters more than 102mm, a minimum of 5 ply is required.
    • For diameters more than 168mm, a minimum of 6 plies is required.
  • Mesh thickness of 0.57mm.


  • Hose complies with SAE J20R1 class A specifications.
  • BS903-tested silicone compound that was pressed-cured for 5 minutes at +115°C.


Other bespoke colours and sizes can be manufactured upon request.

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