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6512 – Silicone Glass Fibre Ducting (1 Ply)

6512 – Silicone Glass Fibre Ducting (1 Ply)

Produced from silicone-coated glass fibre, 6512 – silicone glass fibre ducting (1 ply) is further strengthened with a steel wire helix that is visible inside the tube for further sturdiness. This high-temperature ducting is appropriate for the extraction of hot air in a variety of applications, has a maximum suggested operating temperature of +300°C (intermittent), and is chemically resistant. By visiting our website, you can purchase our 6512 – silicone glass fibre ducting (1 ply) online from Petron Thermoplast.


Fume extraction, air conduction in hot environments, hot air extraction in ceramic kilns, heating in aircraft and helicopter cockpits, and safety of wires moving through hot environments.

Key Features

  • Continually between -70°C and +250°C, and between -85°C and +300°C (intermittent).
  • Good tolerance for chemicals and high heat.
  • Perfect for transporting gaseous and airborne media at high nominal and ambient temperatures.
  • Highly flexible with a steel filament and a fixed vulcanised wall.


Also available: 6513 – Silicone Glass Fibre Ducting (2 ply).

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