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6718 – EVA LDPE Braided Hose

6718 – EVA LDPE Braided Hose

EVA LDPE braided hose is made of a white EVA outer coating, an ethylene-vinyl acetate intermediate layer, and an unpigmented low density polyethylene inner layer. An encapsulated polyester braid adds additional burst strength and flex fatigue to this three-layered, food-safe hose. It is ideal for use with alcohols, acids, and liquid consumables and has received WRAS approval for the conveyance of potable water. The non-toxic, smooth LDPE bore contributes to maintaining a consistent product flow and makes it an excellent choice for numerous applications where sanitation is crucial.

You may get EVA LDPE braided hose online  by clicking the mentioned link. The 6718 is also available from us as a dual containment hose with either a polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Popular hose for use in cold water connections, the conveyance of soft drinks and fruit juices and chemical lines.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -20°C up to +55°C (+65°C short term).
  • Good resistance to chemicals.
  • Non-toxic and food approved.
  • Moderate flexibility.
  • Food approved.


  • WRAS approved for conveyance of cold and hot potable water.

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