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Aisle Marking Tape

Aisle Marking Tape

A perfect choice for highlighting pathways, loading bays, and other locations that need additional visibility is self-adhesive backing aisle marking tapes. A popular alternative to traditional methods like glue or paint for line marking in industrial settings including warehouses, factories, and garages are aisle marking tapes.

The bevelled edges of our marking tapes, which are made of 1 mm PVC, offer a durable option to deal with heavy equipment like forklift trucks as well as fluctuating quantities of foot traffic. In addition, the tape’s homogeneous structure ensures that scratches or scuffs won’t impact the colour.

Floor tapes can be applied to surfaces by peeling the back and applying as needed. There is no waiting period for curing, which results in an immediate marked area.

Examples of our Aisle Marking Tape Colours

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