Plastic Materials For Thermoforming

Many plastic sheet materials can be shaped by thermoforming. Amorphous plastics like ABS and polycarbonate generally have wide processing windows and good melt strength making them easy to thermoform.

Some plastics like HDPE and PP have narrower processing windows and lower melt strength, which make them more difficult (but not impossible) to thermoform. Some plastics require drying prior to thermoforming, contact us to learn more.

Easy to Thermoform


Outstanding impact resistant low cost plastic, easy to machine, and thermoform.


High strength, stiff, low friction engineering plastic with good wear properties.


Outstanding strong, stiff, clear plastic available in a variety of brilliant colors and finishes.


Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

Low-cost ACM offers good dimensional stability and a metallic look, at half the weight of aluminum.



Clear, flexible plastic sheet with excellent drape and blister forming characteristics.

CE Canvas Phenolic

Electrical grade phenolic sheet material with cotton canvas reinforcement.

DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide

Extremely high temperature creep resistant plastic with excellent friction and wear characteristics.


Fluoropolymer with outstanding mechanical properties and dimensional stability.


Plastic material with excellent mechanical strength, stiffness, and abrasion resistance.

Engravable Sheet

Plastic engraving sheet products that are versatile and easy-to-use.


Soft, flexible copolymer with low-temperature toughness, and stress-crack resistance.

Expanded PVC

Lightweight, durable, moderately expanded closed cell sheet material.


Flexible fluoropolymer with outstanding chemical resistance and electrical properties.

G10/FR-4 Glass Epoxy

Glass/epoxy composite material with outstanding electrical properties.

Fluted Polypropylene Boards

Lightweight, fluted twin-wall corrugated plastic sheet, waterproof and stain-resistant.

Foam Boards

Rigid, yet lightweight, family of graphic art boards, easy to fabricate and cost effective.


GPO-3 Thermoset

A glass reinforced thermoset polyester material with excellent mechanical and electrical properties.



Durable, versatile, low cost, abrasion and chemically resistant plastic material.

High Impact Polystyrene

Low cost, tough plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate.

KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet

High impact, thermoplastic sheet that is tough, durable, and easy to form.


LE Linen Phenolic

A composite sheet material that consists of electrical grade phenolic resin impregnated into layers of linen fabric.


Engineering plastic with outstanding strength, stiffness, and electrical insulating properties.


Strong, stiff engineering plastic often used to replace metal bearings and bushings.


Soft, flexible, lightweight plastic material that is easy to fabricate and form.



Extremely strong, stiff, dimensionally stable plastic material often used in elevated temperature environments.

Paper Boards

100% recyclable board material for interior sign and display short term applications.


Strong, stiff plastic, excellent machining characteristics, bearing and wear, and chemical resistance.


Fluoropolymer with outstanding dimensional stability, mechanical properties, and temperature range.


Strong, stiff plastic with outstanding chemical resistance; performs over a wide range of temperatures.


A strong, dimensionally stable plastic with outstanding chemical resistance and wear properties.



Transparent plastic sheet with good impact resistance and outstanding thermoforming characteristics.


Flexible fluoropolymer that performs well in extreme temperature and harsh chemical environments.


Transparent, strong and stiff thermoplastic with outstanding impact resistance.

Polycarbonate Film

Transparent, general purpose plastic film with excellent ink adhesion.

Polyester Film

Transparent plastic with outstanding strength, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.


Low cost, chemical resistant plastic with excellent aesthetic qualities.


Plastic material with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.


High temperature thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance that is autoclavable.


High temperature, semi-transparent plastic material with good mechanical properties.


Low friction engineering plastic with outstanding chemical, high temperature, and weathering resistance.


Strong, stiff, versatile low cost plastic material that is easy to fabricate, bond, and weld.


High purity engineering plastic with excellent chemical, abrasion, and flame resistance.

SentryGlas® Interlayer

Structural interlayer material for storm, blast, ballistic, and single-point supported glass applications.


Soft, clear polymer is tough and durable with excellent thermoforming characteristics.


Extremely tough abrasion resistant, low cost plastic, used for a wide range of wear applications.


High strength plastic with outstanding electrical and high service temperature properties.


XX Paper Phenolic

High strength, low cost composite made from phenolic resin impregnated into layers of paper.


Fatigue resistant, flexible, opaque, lightweight, thermoplastic elastomer sheet.

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