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Balata Conveyor Belting

Balata Conveyor Belting

Balata conveyor belting is a strong, durable belt with a rubber friction surface on both sides. It is made of high-quality high-tensile cotton and natural rubber. Balata conveyor belting is ideal for full roller beds or steel beds with intermittent rollers. This belting should not come into direct contact with food or be exposed to excessive oil.


Conveyor and elevator belting, bucket elevator belts for power transmission drive applications, packings, gaskets, gas bottle retention strapping, and punched parts for automotive industries are some of the major applications.

Key Features

  • Temperature range: 0°C to +95°C.
  • Extremely durable and robust.


Width (mm): Up to 975 mm in width.
Ply Thickness: Ply thicknesses include 3ply (5mm), 4ply, 5ply, and 6ply.
Tolerances on Width Cutting (mm): Width cutting tolerances (mm): 2.
Finishing of Cut Edges:

The belting has square/cut edges. The cut roll edges are typically treated with a heat gun before being painted with a quick-dry lead-based red paint. If this paint is not necessary for any purpose, this should be specified during the inquiry process. The omission of the painted edges, primarily for cosmetic reasons, does not affect the belting performance, though the paint acts as a moisture barrier.

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