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Bauer Type Coupling – 90° Male x Female

Bauer Type Coupling – 90° Male x Female

90° men x women To change the direction of fluid flow on pipes or hose lengths, Bauer type couplings are employed. They come in a variety of standard sizes in galvanised steel, ranging from 2″ to 8″. These components can be ordered with either a small radius’swept’ 90° bend or a tight 90° bend; if you have a particular requirement, please mention it at the time of inquiry.

By selecting the “buy online” option up above, users of PAR Direct can acquire fake 90-degree male to female Bauer couplings. Please click the “enquire now” button to request more information about the genuine Bauer choices.

Max. Working Pressure

  • Non-Genuine: 10 Bar (150 psi).
  • Genuine Bauer: 12 Bar (174 psi).

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