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Bin Activator Silo Bands

Bin Activator Silo Bands

Rubber sleeves are offered seamless or joined and are manufactured from a range of rubber materials. Our seamless rubber sleeves are mandrel wrapped and can be supplied with a cloth wrapped, smooth or ground finish. They can also be reinforced with cotton or nylon to increase the tensile strength. Our joined / vulcanised rubber sleeves can be manufactured using any of the rubber sheeting shown in our sealing and jointing section. Sleeves can be butt jointed and reinforced using an external overlap strip.


Product transfer, sorting, conveying, dispensing and screening.

Standard Bin Activator Silo Band Profiles

The following profiles are available in white and blue food quality grades. These are the standard profiles available which are used to manufacture the complete bands in the table above. Due to the manufacturing process size may vary. Other profiles available upon request but may be subject to minimum order quantities.

102mm Silo Band
Product codes: SILO-WFQ-102* (white food quality) / SILO-BFQ-102 (blue food quality)

127mm Silo Band
Product codes: SILO-WFQ-127 (white food quality) / SILO-BFQ-127 (blue food quality)

Other Bin Activator Silo Band Profiles

The following profile is available in white food quality grade. This is a non standard profile and may be subject to minimum order quantities.

127mm Double Lipped Silo Band
Product codes: SILODL-WFQ-127 (white food quality)

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Bin Activator Silo Bands

Blue Food Quality Silo Band

Rubber Silo Band Extrusion

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