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Brush Strip Sections

Brush Strip Sections

The materials used to make brush strip sections are an aluminium carrier with a mill finish and a strip of hardy nylon bristles. Galvanized steel backing (stainless steel backing is also available upon request) and core wire are used to secure the bristles. For the purpose of decreasing draughts, spray, odours, smoke, and dust, brush strip sections are frequently used on doors. Our brush strips come in six different sizes with 180°, 90°, and 45° carrier profiles. The bristles are made of durable black nylon and come in lengths ranging from 8mm to 300mm. Upon request, carriers can also be provided painted or anodized.


Draught excluders, pedestrian door seals, garage doors, roller shutter doors and label applicators.


Please click on the images below for more detailed information on the options available.

Note: We can also manufacture brush strips in other colours and bristle types including blue food quality nylon. A range of custom brushes are also available.

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