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Cemtherm® (Transite 1000)

Cemtherm® (Transite 1000)

Cemtherm®, also known as Transite 1000, is a thermal insulation board that was specifically created for use in high temperature applications up to +538°C, where strength is of utmost importance. The product, which is made of Portland cement, is reinforced with silica and certain non-asbestos fibres to provide superior load bearing qualities. Cemtherm® can be offered with silicone coating or impregnated for better moisture resistance, making it a perfect replacement for asbestos cement-based products (upon request).


Commonly used in thermal and electrical applications when a high strength insulation plate is required. Cemtherm® can also be machined into various components such as muffle plates, core plates, support plates, end plates, soldering plates, load bearing gaskets, spacers, industrial ovens, furnace walls, welding shields, thermal boxes and strips.

Key Features

  • Max operating temperature: up to +538°C.
  • Excellent resistance to mould and rot when exposed to dampness.
  • Strong and rigid material that is easily machined.
  • Good resistance to most alkalis and solvents.
  • Good resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
  • Non-combustible and asbestos free.
  • Excellent insulation properties.
  • Low thermal conductivity.

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Cemtherm® (Transite 1000) Machining

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