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Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Ceramic fibre blankets are made of long, flexible fibres that are woven together using the “blown” and “spun” needling process. This results in a robust, light blanket that is perfect for usage at high temperatures (up to +1260°C or +1425°C). Ceramic fibre blankets are made to provide an efficient response to a variety of heat management problems. As a standard, we provide HPS 1260 and HTZ 1400, two unbranded grades. For availability, please see the table below. By clicking the above link, you may also buy whole rolls of ceramic fibre blankets from PAR Direct.


Commonly used in steel, ceramic, petrochemical and power generation industries as heat shields, seals and gaskets, pipe and ducting wrap, kiln and furnace linings, steam turbine insulation, pipe insulation, investment casting mould wraps, exhaust lining, fire protection systems.

Key Features

  • Max temperature: Up to +1260°C (HPS 1260), up to +1425°C (HTZ 1400).
  • High tensile strength.
  • Lightweight with good flexibility.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Good acoustic properties.
  • Good resistance to thermal shock.
  • Asbestos free.
  • Easy to install.

Technical Specification:

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