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Ceramic Webbing Tape

Ceramic Webbing Tape

Blown alumino-silicate fibre yarn made from high purity alumina and silica is used to make ceramic webbing tape. This material excels for use in high temperature applications thanks to a special mix of physical and refractory qualities. It can be supplied with a glass yarn reinforcement in addition to the nickel chrome wire reinforcement that is typical. By clicking the above link, you can order ceramic webbing tape from PAR Direct online.


Suitable for use in high temperature applications. This may include welding curtains, furnace curtains, high temperature clothing, personnel shield, fire protection drapes, thermocouple sleeves, pipe lagging, expansion joints and inspection door seals.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +1260°C (base fabric).
    Please note that the ceramic fibre products can be produced with either a glass yarn or wire reinforcement. The glass yarn reinforcement is rated up to +550°C, the wire reinforcement is rated up to +1000°C.
  • Superior high temperature strength and insulation properties.
  • Asbestos free alternative.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Nickel chrome wire reinforced.

Technical Specification:

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