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CPVC diaphragm valve.

CPVC Diaphragm valve:

CPVC Diaphragm valves are usually used for slightly more complex commercial or industrial applications. They use a membrane or “diaphragm” to restrict or allow flow. The valves we produce are manual, but diaphragm valves can also be automated (actuated). Our valves are made with a durable plastic body, allowing the valve to stand up to harsh industrial conditions. Diaphragm valves can come in a range of body and seal materials.

Diaphragm valves were originally created to fill a need in industrial applications, but have since become more widely used. There are various types of diaphragm valve. Our valves are the most common design, a two-way shutoff valve. Plastic makes for an ideal valve material in many applications due to its ability to resist corrosion and withstand a number of common chemicals.

Our selection of Diaphragm valves feature flange, true union and socket ends. These valve ends are made to accept plastic pipe of the same size, forming a liquid-tight bond with the use of solvent cement during installation. Our valves are manual style, meaning they require an operator to turn the wheel to open and close the valve.

CPVC Diaphragm valve

Working of CPVC Diaphragm valve:

Diaphragm valves are glide control or strain moderation plumbing valves. they are geared up with an inner diaphragm made of resistant thermoplastic substances that may be adjusted consistent with utility demands. The innovative and adjustable design of diaphragm valves permits their internal diaphragm to be set for differing stages of waft or pressure. This in flip gives specified management of system operation with the aid of restricting or maximizing plumbing flow quotes as wanted.

The CPVC Diaphragm valve body suits numerous mediums including:

  • Hydrochloric corrosive.
  • Sulfate corrosive.
  • Hydrofluoric corrosive.
  • Water Regia.
  • Nitric corrosive.
  • Natural acids.
  • Liquid antacid metals.
  • Sweet-smelling hydrocarbons.

Applications of CPVC Diaphragm valve:

  • Aquariums.
  • Water parks.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Paper production.
  • Oil and gas plants.
  • Metal finishing.
  • Food processing.
Features of CPVC Diaphragm valve:
  • High toughness.
  • Precise dimensions.
  • Entirely built with quality materials.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost friendly.
  • Available and designed in sizes ranging from 2” to 14”.