CPVC Y Strainer

As a Safety Filter, CPVC Y Strainer exporter and supplier in India. These are meant to capture any solid contaminants that may sometimes be in the line.

CPVC plastic strainer and other devices with small holes, such as pumps or control valves, are protected by y filter strainer. The filter screen is easily replaceable and available in a variety of meshes.

The pump and meter are protected by CPVC Y Strainer, which remove suspended particles and contaminants. The position of the screen can be easily determined due to its transparent thermoplastic structure. Optional in-line cleaning valve flushes collected particles from hayward basket strainers.

Because of its True Union design, CPVC sediment strainer is easy to install or repair without enlarging the pipeline. Y strainer cpvc is a great filtering capacity and minimum pressure drop are two of its key features.

As a result of the transparent CPVC Y Strainer body, the condition of the filter screen can be easily assessed. Everything about cpvc pipe strainer made by thermoplastic.

CPVC Y Straine Technical Information

The RV Sediment strainer limits the passage of any solid particles present in the fluid by means of a strainer.

• Connection system for solvent weld, threaded and flanged joints

• Strainer mounted on an easily removed support that facilitates the clean-
ing or replacement

• Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) with water conveyance, drinking
water and other food substances according to current regulations
• Can be maintained with the valve body installe

Technical specifications
ConstructionSediment strainer
Size rangeDN 15 ÷ 50
Nominal pressurePVC-U Grey
DN 10÷50: PN 16 with water at 20 °C
DN 65: PN 10 with water at 20 °C
DN 80÷100: PN 6 with water at 20 °C
PVC-U Transparent
DN 10÷25: PN 16 with water at 20 °C
DN 32÷50: PN 10 with water at 20 °C
DN 65: PN 6 with water at 20 °C
DN 80÷100: PN 4 with water at 20 °C
Temperature range0 °C ÷ 60 °C
Coupling standardsSolvent welding: EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493, BS
43461, DIN 8063, NF T54-028, ASTM D 2467, JIS K
6743. Can be coupled to pipes according to EN ISO
1452, EN ISO 15493, DIN 8062, NF T54-016, ASTM D
1785, JIS K 6741
Thread: UNI ISO 228-1, DIN 2999, ASTM D 2467, JIS
B 0203
Flanging system: ISO 7005-1, EN ISO 1452, EN ISO
15493, EN 558-1 (DN 10÷50), DIN 2501, ANSI B.16.5
cl.150, JIS B 2220
Reference standardsConstruction criteria: EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493
Test methods and requirements: ISO 9393
Installation criteria: DVS 2204, DVS 2221, UNI 11242
Valve materialBody: PVC-U grey or trasparent
Strainer: PVC-U or STAINLESS steel
Seal materialEPDM, FKM