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A combination of calcium silicate, calcium aluminates, and glass fibre is used to make Duratec®-XP. This composite exhibits exceptional strength at high temperatures and is robust, highly machinable, and electrically inert. It also offers qualities that are similar to those of plastic when used because it keeps its flexibility and doesn’t become brittle.

Due to its properties, Duratec®-XP is frequently used to make welding pads, thermal breaks, arc chutes, coil supports, and components for electrical insulation. We have a thorough in-house machining service available, and we can turn Duratec® into components from pre-existing samples or blueprints. Please get in touch with us or use the “enquire now” button at the top of the page to send us your inquiry.


Duratec-XP® is often used as components in induction furnace and electrically insulating arc chutes.

Key Features

  • Temperature: up to +600°C.
  • Non-brittle material giving flexible behaviour.
  • Excellent strength at elevated temperatures.
  • Toughness giving near plastic performance.
  • Good physical and mechanical properties.
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Excellent thermal properties.
  • Easily machinable.
  • Electrically inert.

Technical Specification:

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