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Electrical Safety & Anti-Static Matting

Electrical Safety & Anti-Static Matting

Electrical safety and anti-static matting is made to give workplace protection in high voltage areas and comes in your choice of rubber or foam.

Depending on their part classification, rubber electrical safety mats are made to resist voltages of 450 to 36,000. Our selection of rubber mats complies with a number of standards, including the defunct BS 921:1976 and BS EN 61111 2009 (IEC 61111:2009).

Foam is a common option because of its ability to dissipate electrostatic charges in less demanding situations. These mats meet IEC 61340-4-1, ISO6356, and EN 1815 standards and are frequently used for production lines, computer rooms, hospitals, photocopying areas, and walkways.

In each case, the actual working voltages should be checked before installation. To learn more, kindly click on the following links, or

Rubber Electrical Safety Matting

Anti-Static Foam Matting

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