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Flared End Type Couplings (Unicone)

Flared End Type Couplings (Unicone)

In the transportation sector, flared end type couplings—also known as “Unicone couplings”—are frequently used to load and unload bulk media from road tankers. Two identical conical tube ends form the connection, which is held together by a single lever clamp with a reliable rubber seal. The straightforward conical design provides uninterrupted product flow without reducing the bore, lowering the possibility of product build-up during transfer.

The Unicone system is a dependable coupling that is frequently used in applications involving the conveyance of dry powder media, such as flour, cereals, sugar, cement, and other dry goods.

Genuine Unicone couplings come standard and can be used with any other flared end variants made by other manufacturers.


Used on tankers conveying flour, cereals, sugar, cement and other dry powders.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Conical end ensures there is no reduction in the bore.
  • Interchangeable with all other major manufacturers.
  • Trusted in the conveyance of powder media.
  • Couplings available in mild steel and stainless steel options.


Flared End x Serrated Hose Tail

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