Glass Fibre Filter Media


Molten glass is extruded into a variety of sizes and thicknesses of glass fibres to create glass fibre filter media. Continuously spinning glass filaments are used to make a uniform sheet, which is then laminated with a thermosetting resin for further protection and strength. The end result of this method is a media with exceptional dust retention capabilities that boosts filter performance.

Air particles can enter the material through the green surface and depart through the white backing thanks to a special design. This is because the surface is more packed toward the reverse and more open at the face. Deep media penetration by air particles eliminates face loading and clogging risks.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +150°C (This is the temperature at which the adhesive will begin to thermally degrade. This may lead to the foil delaminating from the cloth. The base fabric will withstand +550°C unstressed).
  • Good heat reflective properties.
  • Good resistance to solvents and corrosive liquids.

Technical Specification: