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GYLON® Gasket Materials

GYLON® Gasket Materials

GYLON® gasket materials are a family of PTFE based materials incorporating a range of different fillers. These fillers help to increase tensile strength and decrease creep relaxation, a problem which is prevalent in pure PTFE sealing materials. The PTFE base of GYLON® gasket materials helps to provide excellent resistance to chemicals and is designed to offer sealing solutions for various industrial applications. They are often applied in food processing and pharmaceutical applications as they conform to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals.

In order for us to provide you with the best advice please provide us with the following details:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Conveyant
  • Gasket Size

Gylon® gasket materials can be cut to any standard flange table or bespoke picture frame gasket you require. If you are having difficulty measuring the gasket you need, please view our step by step guide on ‘How to Measure a Gasket’.

For further information about the grades available please follow the links below, or alternatively contact our sales office to discuss your requirement.

GYLON® Gasket Materials

GYLON® Blue Style 3504

Blue style 3504 GYLON® has a PTFE base and contains aluminosilicate microspheres. This material is ideal for use with moderate concentration acids, caustics, refrigerants and hydrocarbons. GYLON® 3504 can be used in a variety of applications and is FDA approved. Temperature range of -268°C up to +260°C.

GYLON® White Style 3545

A highly compressible microcellular PTFE gasket material designed to compress irregular or damaged surfaces. Suitable for use with most media including, strong caustics, strong acids, hydrocarbons, chlorine and cryogenics. White style 3545 GYLON® is also FDA approved. Temperature range of -268°C up to +260°C.

GYLON® Fawn Style 3500

GYLON® 3500 is a high performance PTFE gasket material containing a silica filler. It helps to minimise cold flow problems and is designed for use with strong acids, petrohydrocarbons and solvents. This material meets ABS, FDA and USDA specifications. Temperature range of -268°C up to +260°C.

GYLON® Off-White Style 3510

A high performance PTFE gasket material containing barium sulphate. 3510 style GYLON® is designed specifically for use with strong caustics and toxic chemicals. It is primarily used in chemical processing applications where an extremely tight seal is required. 3510 GYLON® is also FDA approved. Temperature range of -268°C up to +260°C.

GYLON® is a registered trademark of Garlock.

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