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Heated IBC Insulation Jackets

Heated IBC Insulation Jackets

The heated IBC insulating jackets listed below by PAR Group are appropriate for IBC containers. These jackets are made to give products kept in 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers electric surface heating. (IBC’s). Our heated IBC insulation jackets make chemicals, fats, and oils less viscous. You can purchase heated IBC insulation jackets online from PAR Direct by clicking the link above.

HIBC-B Heated IBC Insulation Jacket

A spiral wrapped silicone resistance element insulates HIBC/B heated IBC insulation jackets, which are made of a water-resistant, TeflonTM coated polyester material. They are easy to install, cover all four sides of the IBC, and include quick release adjustable buckles. For its top and lower parts, the HIBC/B includes two separate insulating circuits that are each controlled by a different integrated thermostat. When the content level falls below halfway, the higher circuit can then be turned off. If necessary, insulated lids can be purchased separately.


  • Heating of liquid materials stored in bulk containers throughout a wide range of industries. Ideal for frost protection, temperature maintenance and heat up applications.

Key Features

  • Teflon™ coated polyester with dual power circuits for upper and lower heated zones.
  • Thermally insulated.
  • Includes a 4 metre power cable without plug.

Technical Specification:

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