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Hot Water and Furnace Coolant Hose

Hot Water and Furnace Coolant Hose

Both of our hot water and furnace coolant hoses are made with a rubber-treated glass cloth ply exterior and a high temperature EPDM liner. The furnace hoses have great temperature resistance and can survive splashes of hot steel thanks to the glass cloth cover. The hose outer of the 6311 is also protected from abrasion and damage by an exterior spring guard.

Although pack quantities and minimum order quantities could apply depending on the hose type and size needed, our hot water hoses are normally delivered by the metre. To meet your individual needs, we can also offer hose assemblies that have been pre-fitted with a variety of hose couplings and clamps.

You can get additional details, such as availability, specifications, and standards, by clicking the “view” button.

Standard Hot Water and Furnace Coolant Hose

6315 – Blue Dairy
Washdown Hose

An FDA approved, EPDM inner and outer hose reinforced with high tensile synthetic textile plies. 6315 has a smooth, non-marking cover. Temperature range of -35°C up to +120°C. Working pressure of 14 bar.

6316 – Blue Dairy
Washdown Steam Hose

Manufactured from a natural and synthethic smooth bore inner with synthetic textile plies. 6316 has a cloth impressed outer. Temperature range of -40°C up to +164°C. Working pressure of 6 bar for saturated steam applications.

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