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IBC Buttress Threaded Camlocks

IBC Buttress Threaded Camlocks

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) use the Buttress thread as the usual output, and IBC buttress threaded camlocks, also known as IBC adapters, are based on the German DIN standard DIN6131:1989. To connect to your IBC, PAR Group offers IBC buttress threaded camlocks made of polypropylene in a variety of forms. They are quick to attach and disengage your hose and pipes, lightweight, and chemically resistant. The most popular IBC buttress threaded camlock kinds are shown below; click the links for sizes and part numbers. Please contact us if you can’t locate the type you’re looking for.

Please be aware that Camlock manufacturers do not promise that their components will work with or interchange with those from

S60X6 Female Buttress Threaded Adaptors

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