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Crane and Lifting Technology

Crane and Lifting Technology

Plastics for crane and lifting systems

Heavy-duty plastic components for crane and hoisting technology

Heavy loads are the order of the day for developers in crane and hoisting equipment. Cranes and hoisting equipment have to be designed for ever increasing load capacities and combine high operational safety with a long service life. For several decades, we have been supporting manufacturers in this task based on our heavy-duty plastic components.

Components made from our materials contribute to the performance and reliability of many types of cranes and hoisting equipment all over the world. Owing to their excellent heavy-duty properties, abrasion resistance and zero maintenance, they often replace steel components. Our plastic components significantly extend the servicelife of the cables, prevent stick-slip effects and in that way increase the efficiency of cranes and hoists.

Your advantages

  • Mobile cranes
  • Railway cranes
  • Truck loading cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Dockside cranes
  • Marine and offshore cranes
  • Gantry and bridge cranes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Railway cranes
  • Truck loading cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Dockside cranes
  • Marine and offshore cranes
  • Gantry and bridge cranes

Areas of application

  • Sheaves
  • Pulleys
  • Support plates
  • Sliding elements

For efficient and powerful cranes

Cranes are constantly subjected to high loads and have to be absolutely reliable even in demanding areas of application. In cooperation with our customers, we aim to increase performance and reliability, reduce maintenance times and optimise safety.


Thanks to their cable-friendly surface, our materials offer a very good distribution of the surface load and thus reduce the pressure between the cable and pulley. This results in a significantly longer cable service life. As a consequence there are fewer cable replacements and lower maintenance costs.

Excellent sliding properties

Because of their excellent sliding properties, our plastic components support a uniform hoisting process, prevent stick-slip effects and contribute to the efficiency and process stability of your cranes.

Light weight

Our plastic components are significantly lighter than conventional steel components. Their light weight contributes to the reduction of the overall weight of your design, increases the hoisting capacity of your cranes, depending on the design, and facilitate installation.

High wear resistance and toughness

Owing to their high wear resistance and toughness, our materials are suitable for high mechanical loads and contribute to a long service life of your cranes even in demanding applications.

High resistance to corrosion and weathering

Because of their high resistance to corrosion and weathering, our materials are suitable for permanent outdoor use and can withstand UV radiation, rain and snow.

Product examples


Sheaves made of Lamigamid® (PA 6G), manufactured in the moulding process, are used by developers and manufacturers in crane and hoisting technology worldwide. Because of their high mechanical load capacity, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance, our sheaves are suitable for very high cable pull forces and support the performance and operational safety of cranes and hoists.

Different materials are available for different requirements depending on the application, for example for use at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C and in explosion-proof areas (ATEX). Ourmanufacturing processes and mechanical post-processing also enable us to manufacture special format castings. Our sheaves have an outer diameter of up to 3,090mm – world record!

Sheave made of Lamigamid® 310 having an outer diameter of 3,090mm, fully assembled

Lamigamid® sheaves available in different diameters and with pre-assembled bearings on request

Support the performance and operational safety of cranes: Sheaves made of Lamigamid® combine very high cable pull forces with good vibration damping – here used in a Liebherr RL-K offshore crane – © Liebherr

Window frames and door sills

Thanks to their high mechanical stability and UV resistance, window frames and door sills made of Durostone® profiles have a long life and require little maintenance. The low thermal conductivity helps to prevent cold bridges, while a decorative film covering lends them an attractive visual appearance.

Durostone® fasteners

Durostone® fasteners have a very low thermal conductivity compared with steel, which means they can be used to prevent cold bridges in the construction sector, such as when mounting façades. All Durostone® grades have a thermal conductivity of 0.3 W/mK, putting them on a par with mineral wool, which is used as an insulating material in construction.

Thermal insulation with GreenGirt

Röchling’s fibre-reinforced GreenGirt profile is part of the SMARTci thermal insulation system from APP that delivers a significant boost to the energy efficiency of buildings. GreenGirt offers very high thermal insulation compared with traditional metal profiles. Heat bridges are avoided and heating and cooling costs reduced.

Trovidur® EC Clad – Hygienic wall panels

With Trovidur® EC Clad we offer you wall panels that meet the high demands to hygiene and looks in many public and commercial facilities. Wall panels made of PVC are easy to install, easy-care and available in various formats. They can be directly installed on most level surfaces with special adhesive. The few joints of the large-format panels are closed with profiles to form a smooth, seamless surface. Trovidur® EC Clad is chemicals-resistant and withstands commonly used cleaning agents. It also meets the high demands to fire protection. With Trovidur® EC Clad LS we offer you a smoke retardant material that meets the requirements of EN 13501 for the B s2 d0 classification.

Arrange technical advice

The performance and service life of materials used in the construction industry are influenced by a variety of factors. These criteria need to be considered in order to make the right choice. Examples:

  • Mechanical loading
  • Thermal loading
  • External influences such as UV radiation and weathering
  • Design requirements
  • Dimensions and tolerances

We are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable materials for your particular application. Just use our contact form at the bottom of the page and write to us.

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