Electrical Industry

Plastics for the Electrical Industry

Plastics for the Electrical Industry

For more than 60 years, our materials have been used in the global electrical industry as insulation and construction materials. Renowned manufacturers use our plastics in development of high-voltage transformers, efficient generators & motors, reliable high-voltage direct current converter stations and switchgear. We know: The materials used must be as individual as the applications are different. We will gladly advise you in selecting the right materials for your application.

Proven applications of our plastics are:


Oil-filled transformers, Dry transformers

Generator and Motor

Salient pole-, Turbo-, Wind power- and Hydro generators / Induction-, Synchronous-, Direct current motors

HVDC Transmission

e.g.: Mechanical tensioning of thyristors/IGBTs, Resistance and Capacitor carriers


Low-voltage-, Medium-voltage and High-voltage switchgears, Gas-insulated SF6 circuits

Completed Project For Clients

Cable clamps

Car lamp lighting socket waterproof sealed female connector

Diablo rollers NYLON


Frac Balls Peek

Riser Centraliser Pom

Plastic Sucker Rod Centralizer

Rov Components

Sheaves & Sheave Segments

Subsea Caps