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Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates

Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates

PAR Group are the sole UK distributor of the Intrepid Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gates

As the sole UK distributor, we can offer the only TÜV-tested safety gate in the entire world. Particularly in industrial settings, Intrepid safety gates are intended to stop unintentional falls through guardrail holes.

People falling off a platform or ladder are directly responsible for more than 15% of all workplace accidents in Europe.

— based on statistics from Eurostat.

Intrepid safety gates include a self-closing, horizontal swinging mechanism. The safety gate will always close once it has been opened because the closing mechanism only relies on gravity, necessitating no additional action on the part of the operator. The gates have very minimal risk of malfunction or failure because they lack mechanical fixes like springs, cams, bearings, or latches.


  • Manufactured from high visibility, corrosion resistant polyurethane. This provides high impact resistance, is ATEX proof, has a built in UV filter and is impact resistant even at low temperatures (down to -45°C).
  • They are incredibly safe; they will always self close, have a reliable and rigid construction and have met the 50kg ball test (video below).
  • Cost effective and simple to install. These polyurethane gates are typically less expensive and more lightweight than steel counterparts. The lack of mechanical components means they are virtually maintenance free apart from occasional cleaning routines.


  • The universal double bar safety gate conforms with EN ISO 14122. This standard requires the safety gate to be self-closing, non-corrosive with at least a hand and knee rail.
  • TÜV certification, indicating that the gates have been tested for safety and have met all the necessary requirements.

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