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Keg Drop Mats

In the brewing and beverage industry, keg drop mats are frequently used to reduce the impact of kegs during unloading and shipping. This lessens the possibility of injury and safeguards the floor and keg from harm. Our keg drop mats are made of sturdy polyester fabric with a PVC coating that is encased in foam. For convenience of handling, eyelets and bungee cord are added, as well as a fabric handle in the corner. We provide a variety of colours in two typical sizes. On demand, customised sizes can also be produced. You may purchase a variety of our keg drop mats online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Cushions the impact of kegs during unloading and transportation.

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Keg Drop Mats and Crash Pads

Keg Drop Mat

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