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Layflat Hose Assemblies

Layflat Hose Assemblies

Numerous residential, business, and industrial applications—such as industrial fire brigades, irrigation, agriculture, construction, and civil works—involve layflat hose assemblies. Layflat hoses are intended to expand when under pressure and to retract to their original, flat shape after all pressure has been released. They are mostly used for the transportation of water, liquids, and chemicals.

We can offer layflat hoses with various features for applications that call for particular qualities. For instance, our assortment of layflat fire hoses is designed to withstand a range of pressure ratings, and our rubber and TPU grades have received WRAS approval, making them appropriate for applications involving potable (drinking) water.

Instantaneous fire hose couplings are provided with our assortment of layflat hose assemblies as standard, but different couplings are available upon request.

Fire Hose Assemblies

6901 – Light Duty Fire Hose Assemblies

A kink resistant, light duty hose manufactured from a synthetic rubber lining with an uncoated white polyester jacket. Offering resistance to abrasion, oil, fuels and chemical products. Temperature range of -30°C up to +80°C.

6702 – Red Natural Rubber

Providing excellent resistance to tear, red natural rubber tubing is commonly used to transfer liquids, gases and diluted acids. It offers enhanced flexibility compared to other tubes and is very durable. Available from 1.59mm – 30mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -65°C up to +70°C.

6703 – Silicone Rubber

An FDA and WRAS / WRc approved tubing manufactured from platinum cured silicone that is primarily used to convey a range of liquids in the food, drink, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Available from 0.5mm – 25mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -40°C up to +200°C.

6904 – Thermoplastic Fire Hose

A thermoplastic hose, reinforced with braided textile plies. This hose is specifically designed for use with fixed or swinging fire hose reels. Available in 19mm and 25mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -20°C up to +75°C.

6904R – Rubber Fire Reel Hose

The red SBR (styrene-butadiene) cover and black SBR liner are reinforced with high strength braided textile plies. Available in 19mm and 25mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -20°C up to +75°C.

Branch Pipes & Nozzles

Commonly used for firefighting, wash down and jet spray applications. Many of our stocked and most popular nozzles can be fitted to layflat fire hose using female BS336 instantaneous couplings.

Fire Hose Couplings

Our range includes instantaneous couplings to BS 336, or international fittings such as Barcelona and Storz. Materials are available including aluminium, brass and gunmetal.

Fire Hydrant Standpipes

We supply a wide range of hydrant standpipes and accessories, including single outlet, double outlet, single and double contractor types, extensions and replacement inlet and outlet seals.

Fire Hose & Hose Reel Cabinets

Manufactured from a maintenance free, glass reinforced polyester resin, our range of cabinets can accommodate one, two or four flat wound hoses, or fixed/swinging hose reels as required.

6905 – Rubber Potable Water Hose

The two component lining comprises of a polyester jacket with transparent polyurethane liner. The ribbed NBR coating provides further external resistance to abrasion and oils. WRAS approved for use with potable water. Available from 19mm – 152mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -30°C up to +80°C.

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