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Plastics Materials

Research Engineering Plastic Materials

Learn everything there is to know about research engineering plastic materials, including their characteristics, brands, and common applications. Examine the materials to discover which ones best suit your requirements. Our knowledgeable sales and technical teams are ready to help you with material selection issues.

These sections provide in-depth information about all the research engineering plastic materials that are used to make pipes and fittings. You may look over the pages yourself and make an informed selection.

We have always believed that a consumer should have all the information easily available to them, which results in better decision making and hence more satisfaction to the customer. You can make sure that the plastic material you choose is best suited to your needs in turn leading to the best-case scenario for you.

Research Materials


Outstanding impact resistant low cost plastic, easy to machine, and thermoform.


Outstanding strong, stiff, clear plastic available in a variety of brilliant colors and finishes.

DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide

Extremely high temperature creep resistant plastic with excellent friction and wear characteristics.


Fluoropolymer with outstanding mechanical properties and dimensional stability.


Plastic material with excellent mechanical strength, stiffness, and abrasion resistance.


Durable, versatile, low cost, abrasion and chemically resistant plastic material.

High Impact Polystyrene

Low cost, tough plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate.


Soft, flexible, lightweight plastic material that is easy to fabricate and form.


Strong, stiff engineering plastic often used to replace metal bearings and bushings.


Extremely stong, stiff, dimensionally stable plastic material often used in elevated temperature environments.


Strong, stiff plastic, excellent machining characteristics, bearing and wear, and chemical resistance.


Fluoropolymer with outstanding dimensional stability, mechanical properties, and temperature range.


Strong, stiff plastic with outstanding chemical resistance; performs over a wide range of temperatures.


A strong, dimensionally stable plastic with outstanding chemical resistance and wear properties.


Transparent, strong and stiff thermoplastic with outstanding impact resistance.


Low cost, chemical resistant plastic with excellent aesthetic qualities.


Plastic material with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.


High temperature thermoplastic material with outstanding impact resistance that is autoclavable.


Low friction engineering plastic with outstanding chemical, high temperature, and weathering resistance.


Strong, stiff, versatile low cost plastic material that is easy to fabricate, bond, and weld.


High purity engineering plastic with excellent chemical, abrasion, and flame resistance.


Fatigue resistant, flexible, opaque, lightweight, thermoplastic elastomer sheet.


Extremely tough abrasion resistant, low cost plastic, used for a wide range of wear applications.