Slowly Closed Check Valve (300X)


Used for the pump outlet in high buildings or other water supply systems to prevent the medium from backflow and reduce water hammer so as to leave a safe and peaceful effect.


Able to prevent both water hammer and water shock from being produced so as to get the slow—closing and silencing effect. It is a check valve able to adjust and control the open—close speed and, at the time for the pump to start or stop working, can adjust the open—close speed to its best on the site.


When the pump stops, the medium flows back, the pressure in the upper cavity of the valve is larger than that in the lower one, the disc falls off to close. Control of the speed for the back water to enter the upper cavity of the diaphragm can adjust the speed for the valve to close so as to get the slow closing effect.

Executive Standard

  • Size of flange: GBT 17241.6.
  • Test and inspection: GB/T 13927.

Typical Diagram of Installation

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