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Neoprene Diaphragm Rubber Sheeting

Neoprene Diaphragm Rubber Sheeting

The qualities of neoprene are combined with a single layer, 150gsm nylon fabric reinforcement in neoprene diaphragm rubber sheeting. The neoprene rubber provides exceptional weather resistance as well as good ozone and aging resistance, while the cloth insertion increases the material’s strength, flex, and anti-tear qualities. This makes it ideal for diaphragm applications, particularly those requiring oil and fuel resistance. British Standard 2752 is also met by neoprene rubber.

Neoprene diaphragm rubber sheeting is available in rolls or may be cut into gaskets or custom forms using CNC technology. Please see the table below for further information about availability.

Neoprene is also known as chloroprene, polychloroprene, and pc-rubber.

Key Features

  • Shore Hardness: 60° 
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +120°C
  • Excellent creep, flexing and stretching resistance.
  • Reinforced with a 1-ply nylon fabric insert
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering and fuels.
  • Excellent resistance to oils, ozone, and aging.

Technical Specification:

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