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Novus™ and Sigma® Gasket Materials

Novus™ and Sigma® Gasket Materials

For many years, we have been the “go-to” source for all types of gaskets and gasket materials. The well-liked NovusTM 5G compressed fibre and Sigma PTFE lines are among the many products we provide.
The NovusTM 5G materials, produced as compressed fibre, and non-asbestos substitutes, combine high specification nitrile rubber binders with a range of natural and synthetic fibres. This leads to a variety of BS7531 compliant materials that are renowned for their superior sealing abilities at a range of pressure levels and high and low temperatures.

Additionally, we provide a variety of Sigma gasket sheet materials made with a PTFE foundation. These materials have a temperature range of -250°C to +250°C and exhibit great dimensional stability and outstanding resistance to practically all chemicals across the PH range. They are especially well suited for chemical conveyance and food contact applications because of this and their FDA clearances.

We can create flange table gaskets, picture frame gaskets, unique forms, washers, and seals out of any Novus or Sigma material thanks to our specialised CNC profile cutting and gasket production equipment.

Please contact us using the details below if you’re unclear about which grade of material is best suited for your application so we can, when possible, provide you with the best advice to aid in your choice.

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Gasket Size and Details

A comparison table and a chart showing chemical resistance may be found at the bottom of the page to aid in decision-making.

Compressed Fibre Novus™ 5G Gasket Materials

Novus™ 10

A premium grade, carbon reinforced compressed fibre material with a nitrile rubber binder. Commonly used in high temperature, high pressure applications. It displays excellent resistance to steam, oil, fuel, refrigerants and creep. Max. Temp.: +425°C. Max. Pressure: 100 bar.

Novus™ 30

Manufactured from a blend of aramid and inorganic fibres. Novus™ 30 sheet has a high specification rubber binder and is ideally suited for sealing applications involving hot and cold water, steam, oils, fuels, gases and chemicals. Max. Temp.: +400°C. Max. Pressure: 100 bar.

Novus™ 34

Combining aramid and inorganic fibres blended with special additives. Novus™ 34 is a high specification sealing material that is used in a wide range of industrial applications. This option is suitable for use with oils, solvents, high pressure steam and gases. Max. Temp.: +450°C. Max. Pressure: 100 bar.

Novus™ 45

Novus™ 45 is manufactured from a selection of recycled and non-recycled synthetic fibres that are bound together with a high quality nitrile rubber. This material is commonly used in sealing applications involving oils, solvents, gases, water, low pressure steam and mild chemicals. Max. Temp.: +300°C. Max. Pressure: 60 bar.

Novus™ 49

A high performance material containing a large graphite percentage that is reinforced with aramid fibres and a nitrile rubber binder. Novus™ 49 displays excellent mechanical properties and is commonly used in oil, solvent, gas and high pressure steam applications. Max. Temp.: +420°C. Max. Pressure: 100 bar.

PTFE Sigma® Gasket Materials

SIGMA® 500

A biaxially orientated PTFE material containing hollow glass fibres. Sigma® 500 is FDA and WRAS approved. It is a popular choice in food, drink, pharmaceutical and chemical applications that have a low bolt load requirement. Max. Temp.: -250°C to +260°C. Max. Pressure: 85 bar.

SIGMA® 511
Sigma® 511 is a biaxially orientated PTFE material with a silica filler. It is WRAS and FDA approved and is used in sealing applications involving harsh acids and chemicals (excluding hydrofluoric acid, alkali metals, fluorine gas or hydrogen fluoride). Max. Temp.: -250°C to +260°C. Max. Pressure: 85 bar.

SIGMA® 533

A PTFE base material with a barium sulphate filler. This high performance material is suitable for sealing applications across the full PH scale, particularly with strong alkalis (excluding molten alkali metals, fluorine gas and anhydrous HF). Max. Temp.: -250°C to +260°C. Max. Pressure: 85 bar.

Technical Specification

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