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Other Gasket Materials

Other Gasket Materials

As a leading gasket producer and distributor, Petron Thermoplast offers more than just rubber, sponge, and popular compressed fibre brands. Other gasket materials are in stock and can be produced into custom gaskets, seals, and profiles to meet your specifications.

These materials have many distinct and advantageous properties that make them extremely versatile for sealing applications.

You can consider a guide on evaluating a gasket here, which will assist you in providing all relevant information so that we can quote. People can also contact our technical sales team to discuss your specific needs.

Petron Thermoplast sells cork sheeting, felt sheeting, and plastic shims online.

Other Gasket Materials

Cork Sheeting

A flexible, strong, compressible sealing material made from a blend of cork and rubber granules. Temperatures can range from -20°C to +120°C. Suitable for applications requiring low to medium bolt pressure.

Felt Sheeting

A versatile sealing material with four distinct woollen grades as standard. Oil/grease gaskets and seals, bearing felts, and dampening pads are typical applications. Temperatures can range from -80°C to +200°C.

Leather Sheet

Plastic shims are made of polyester or particularly reinforced polypropylene, depending on the thickness. Both have a low water absorption rate, a high compressive strength, and a high chemical resistance.

Plastic Shims

Due to its toughness and durability and its resistance to chemicals, abrasion, temperature, and ozone, the leather sheet is a popular material. We can CNC cut leather into strips, gaskets, and seals, among other things.

James Walker Materials

A different type of compact fibre gasket material. We can offer a wide selection of James Walker grades.

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