POM Sheets (polyoxymethylene)


POM-C The continuous operating temperature of polyoxy-methylene ranges between -40 °C and +100 °C. The high surface strength is only surpassed by a
few materials. POM shows good sliding properties and high resistance to wear and tear because of the high strength and smooth surface. There is a very low risk of stress cracks. POM-C (Copolymere) exhibits a high thermal stability and a high resistance to chemicals (high resistance to hydrolysis).

POM-ELS (ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE) Variant of POM (Copolymere) with an improved electrical conductivity. Volume resistivity ≤ 101Ω x cm, Surface resistivity ≤ 104 Ω.

Variant of POM (Copolymere) with improved sliding properties for tribological applications with an increased abrasion. The modified POM-10PE offersin particular additionally a food approval.

Properties POM-C

» Pressure tested quality
» High strength and stiffness
» High rigidity (to -40 °C)
» High thermal stability
» Low water absorption
» High dimension stability
» Good electrical insulating properties
» Very good sliding properties
» High resistance to solvents
» Very high resistance to stress cracks

Appliction  POM-C

» Bearings
» Fittings
» Gear wheels
» Parts for pumps
» Screws
» Bobbins
» Parts for the textile industry
» Carrier for coating lines
» Food industry


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