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Paper Based Laminates (SRBP)

Paper Based Laminates (SRBP)

Paper-based laminates are created by stacking layers of paper that have been coated with specially formulated synthetic resins (also known as SRBPs or synthetic resin bonded papers). An affordable, light-weight thermoset composite with great electrical insulating qualities, good mechanical capabilities, and inherent stiffness is produced when materials are bonded under high pressure and temperatures.

Although paper laminates don’t have the same mechanical or impact strength as fabric-based equivalents, they are more suitable for high and medium voltage applications due to their greater electrical insulation. SRBPs, particularly B1 and B3, are best used in settings with changing humidity or where they might get submerged in oil.

Paper Based Laminate (SRBP) Availability

B1 Phenolic Paper Laminate

A premium grade paper based laminate providing superior electrical insulation. Suitable for high voltage applications in air or immersed in oil. Alternative to genuine TUFNOL® Kite and Heron Brand. Temperature range of up to +105°C (+120°C short term).

B3 Phenolic Paper Laminate

B3 is a close comparison to B1 in terms of physical characteristics. Though its electrical strength is lower, it performs better when immersed in oil. Alternative to genuine TUFNOL® IP/21. Temperature range of up to +105°C (+120°C short term).

B4 Phenolic Paper Laminate

An economical alternative to B1 and B3. While it’s only suitable for low voltage applications, it has better mechanical properties than both prior grades. Alternative to genuine TUFNOL® 1P/13. Temperature range of up to +100°C (+120°C short term).