PBT Polybutylene terephthalate Sheets

PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) Sheets

The mechanical properties of Polybutylene terephthalate comprise hardness, stiffness, stability and toughness. In particular the material’s extremely high toughness allows the use of self-tapping screws or inserts. The good sliding properties and the high dimensional stability also open up a wide range of possible appli-cations. Very good results can be achieved in joining processes with two-component adhesives on the basis of e.g. epoxy resins or cyanoacrylates as well as silicones. Painting of the part or high vacuum coating of the component surface is also possible.The continuous operating temperature ranges from approx. -60 °C to +100 °C.


» High stability, stiffness and toughness,

even at low temperatures

» Good creep resistance

» High surface hardness

» Good polishability

» High dimensional stability

» Easy to metallize

» Good sliding properties

» Good electrical insulation characteristics

» High resistance to chemicals

» Easy to paint

» Good UV and weather resistance

» Sensitive to hydrolysis


Components with metal inserts
» Pump components
» Housing components
» Tank caps
» Gear wheels
» Insulating parts in electrical engineering
» Applications with UV exposure


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