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Pipe Line Cleaning Pigs

Pipe Line Cleaning Pigs

Food-approved pigs, poly-pigs, turbo-pigs, pipeline spheres, and steel mandrel pigs are among the several varieties of pipe line cleaning pigs provided by Petron Thermoplast. Cups, discs, brushes, and foam swabs are just a few of the replacement parts we have available.


Cleaning pipelines in industrial facilities and utility networks is a common occurrence.


Please provide us with the following information about your application for sales inquiries:

  • Pipe cleaning pigs of various types are required.
  • The diameter of the pipe line.
  • Pipe’s material.
  • The length of the pipe.
  • Substances are being transported through a pipe.
  • Temperature.
  • If feasible, include details about plumbing bends.

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Pipe Line Cleaning Pigs

Polyurethane Spheres

Steel Mandrel Pigs

Polyurethane Poly Pigs

Polyurethane Turbo Pigs

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