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Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts

Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts

Plastic modular conveyor belts are frequently used in conveyor applications requiring bends and curves. They are produced in smaller sections and are available in a variety of standard widths that can be attached using hinges and rods.It allows the smooth belting to bend while maintaining a flat top surface to convey the product. Plastic modular conveyor belts come in a variety of styles, including open ‘flush grid’ and solid ‘flat top,’ and can be supplied in a variety of plastic types (including food-approved grades) to accommodate your implementation. If necessary, flights, hold-down devices, and plastic sprockets are also available.


Flexible conveyor belting is used in sanitary applications.


Our most popular types are listed below.

Flush Grid (Open)

Flat Top (Closed)

Flat Top (Closed) with Sprocket

Technical Specification:

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