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Pleated Panel Filters

Pleated Panel Filters

Pleated panel filters are disposable, medium-efficiency filters that are appropriate for HVAC systems (HVAC). The filter is made of a G4 filter medium with a high dust-collection capacity that is composed of flame-retardant-treated non-woven cotton fibres. The mesh backing is then bonded with the cotton fibres, which are then pleated to provide even airflow throughout the filter. Pleated panel filters are finished in a sturdy cardboard frame box that resists tearing well in both wet and dry conditions.

At the bottom of the pleat, where impurities are filtered out, airflow is typically at its lowest. As impurities accumulate, the resistance at the bottom of the filter rises, causing airflow to go up the side of the pleat.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +150°C (This is the temperature at which the adhesive will begin to thermally degrade. This may lead to the foil delaminating from the cloth. The base fabric will withstand +550°C unstressed).
  • Good heat reflective properties.
  • Good resistance to solvents and corrosive liquids.

Technical Specification:

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