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Polyethylene Foam Sheet (Zote Foam)

Polyethylene Foam Sheet (Zote Foam)

There are many different colors and densities of polyethylene foam sheets, often known as zote foam, which is cross-linked by default. Some grades may be routed and machined, and it has high resistance to weathering and grease. As alternatives, we also provide foams under the Plastazote and Evazote brands, as well as foams that adhere to FDA guidelines for food contact.


Sports equipment, gym mats, packing boxes, packaging, impact and edge protection profiles, gaskets, and expansion strips, as well as gap fillers.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -80°C to +100°C.
Technical Specification:

Genuine Zote Foam

Genuine Zote Foams are high-specification foams that provide unique characteristics dependent on the grade. We offer branded Plastazote® and Evazote® foams in a range of densities and colours, which are used in numerous end use applications.

Plastazote® foam is the standard closed cell, cross-linked, polyethylene foam that is lightweight and is absent of any chemical agents making it ideal for use in a variety of industries including the automotive, building and construction, marine, healthcare, packaging and sports and leisure sectors.

Evazote® foam is a closed cell, cross-linked, ethylene copolymer foam that is more hard wearing and resilient than Plastazote®. It is commonly used in applications such as vibration mounts, industrial gaskets, boat fenders and protective sports padding (knee pads).

Technical Specification:

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