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Polyurethane Brick Grabs

Polyurethane Brick Grabs

The material used to make polyurethane brick grabs is a transparent, tough polyurethane that surrounds a soft polyurethane foam core. If necessary, they can also be given a perforated plate for reinforcement. We also provide foam-free polyurethane brick grabs that are used for impact prevention applications.



Taking hold of and moving bricks and tiles

Key Features

  • Light, strong, and may minimise product damage.
  • Uneven loads can be offset by the soft foam centre.
  • Additionally, they offer excellent noise and sound attenuation.


Also available: Extruded rubber brick grabs.

Brick Grabs with Foam Layer

With perforated
plate insert

Without perforated
plate insert

Brick Grabs / Buffer Pads without Foam Layer

With red perforated
plate insert

With sheet
steel base

With heavy-load
design plate insert

With st. steel
perforated plate insert

Polyurethane Surface Finishes

There are many surface finishes for polyurethane brick grabs and buffer pads. When dry, the smooth finish is slip-resistant and suited for situations where there is neither water nor oil between the load and the pad. When the pad comes into contact with liquids, the ground surface is utilised and is somewhat roughened.
If the pad is frequently in touch with water and oils, the fabric surface, which is even rougher than the ground finish, is crucial. A non-slip finish is ensured by the roughness. Grab bars and floors frequently have a pyramid coating applied to them to prevent slipping.

Smooth Finish

Ground Finsh

Fabric Finish

Pyramid Finish

Examples of our Polyurethane Brick Grabs

Polyurethane Brick Grab

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