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Polyurethane Cord and Tube

Polyurethane Cord and Tube

Polyurethane cord and tube are robust and long-lasting, with excellent abrasion resistance. It also has a low coefficient of friction and great oil and chemical resistance. Extruded transmission drive belting is available in a variety of forms, including cords, tubes, V profile, and special profile extrusion. Using in-house welding capabilities, Petron Thermoplast can also create limitless polyurethane drive bands.


Textile drives, lineshaft conveyor shafts, light drives, transfer conveyor drives, tile or brick industries, food and pharmaceutical industries are all examples of industries that use textile drives.

Key Features

  • Abrasion resistance is exceptional, and the coefficient of friction is low.
  • Excellent resistance to oil and chemicals.
  • Outstanding ability to recover.
  • Can be made into an infinite number of bands.
  • Availability
  • Our standard cords and tubes are listed below. On request, other profiles can be created.

Technical Specification:

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