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Polyurethane Roller Sleeves

Polyurethane Roller Sleeves

If you don’t have any replacements and want to minimise downtime, polyurethane roller sleeves are the perfect option to recoat your rollers on-site. They are frequently used to coat conveyor rollers in a variety of industries since they are incredibly strong and long-lasting. Our white sleeves are used often in the food and pharmaceutical industries since they are food-approved. Using an airline and air blow cannon, such as our AKB101, to create a bearing plane under the polyurethane roller sleeve will allow you to slip the sleeve onto the roller shaft.


Traction for conveyor lines and slope surfaces.

Key Features

  • 85°A for shore hardness.
  • Swift and simple installation.
  • Very robust
  • Good resilience to wear and tear.

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