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Polyurethane to Metal Casting

Polyurethane to Metal Casting

Polyurethane to metal casting protects and prevents wear on costly components. Polyurethane is a tough, abrasion-resistant material that can be machined to include holes, grooves, and chamfers. Polyurethane to metal casting is also available in various colors and shore hardnesses. Polyurethane is a popular material for buffer and impact plates. It’s also a popular replacement for rubber on forklift truck arms, which are used to lift and transport products like kegs/barrels in breweries and paper reels in the paper and board manufacturing industry.


Buffers, impact plates, gripper arm pads on forklift trucks

Key Features

  • Temperatures range from -30°C to +80°C (+100°C shore term). Higher temperature grades are available upon request).
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Non-marking aids in the protection of expensive components.
  • A variety of shore hardnesses and colours are available.


Size: Made to order – please enquire.

Examples of Polyurethane to Metal Casting

PU to Metal Casting – Flat

PU to Metal Casting – Rounded

PU to Metal Casting – Machined

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