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PTFE Gaskets

PTFE gaskets come in a variety of grades to meet a variety of sealing applications, with outstanding chemical resistance, strong dielectric strength, and a wide working temperature range. They’re also resistant to moisture absorption, corrosion, and hydrolysis, as well as having a very low coefficient of friction, making them a preferred choice for rotary and linear movement seals.

Virgin PTFE and expanded virgin PTFE are the most popular grades. Both meet current FDA guidelines and are widely used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. Because of its greater compressibility over ordinary virgin PTFE, expanded virgin PTFE is ideal for use on fragile, worn, or damaged flanges. Bronze, carbon, glass, 316l stainless steel, and metal detectable are just a few of the grades available with extra fillers. Please visit the links in the table below for further information about each grade.

PAR Group’s in-house CNC gear allows us to cut PTFE gaskets, seals, and washers to exact tolerances, allowing us to meet single or high production requirements. We can make dovetail, picture frames, and conventional flange gaskets, and we can work to bespoke dimensions drawings if necessary. Please see our step-by-step tutorial on ‘How to Measure a Gasket’ for instructions on how to measure flange and picture frame gaskets.

Key Features

  •  With the exception of some alkali metals, it has exceptional chemical resistance (grade dependent).
  • The coefficient of friction is quite low.
  •   Extremely low and high temperatures are not a problem.
  •   Excellent corrosion and hydrolysis resistance.
  •   Has a low moisture absorption rate.
  •  It has high dielectric strength.
  •   Not recommended for use with abrasive materials.
  •  In the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries, this is a common gasket material.


Grades Available: Service Temperature: Thickness (mm): Technical Data:
Virgin -200°C up to +260°C. 0.5 up to 25 TDS / MSDS / FC
Blue Food Quality -200°C up to +260°C. 5 up to 25. TDS
Expanded PTFE -240°C up to +270°C. 1 up to 6 TDS
Carbon Filled
-200°C up to +260°C.
1.5 up to 25 TDS
Glass Filled -260°C up to +250°C. 1.5 up to 25. TDS
Stainless Steel Filled -200°C up to +260°C. 5 up to 25 TDS
Bronze Filled -200°C up to +260°C. 5 up to 25. TDS
Metal Detectable -200°C up to +260°C. 4 up to 25. TDS
Gaskets: All sizes CNC cut to almost any shape or profile required.
We also offer standard table flange gaskets, please enquire.

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