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Pump & Valve Packing

Pump & Valve Packing

Pump and valve packing also referred to as compression packings or gland packings, provide an effective sealing solution for dynamic applications such as expansion joints, rotary, centrifugal, and reciprocating pumps, as well as valves.
Packing is made with soft, flexible yarns that are frequently created in braided structures. The inclusion of supplemental materials, such as extra lubricants and wire reinforcements, provides additional properties that are ideal for certain applications.

Compression packings are turned into rings and placed in the annular space between the rotating component and the body of the valve or pump. Compression packing is provided in preset lengths by the box. When the gland follower is reinstalled and tightened against the top packing ring, the “packing set” will compress, radially expanding the rings to form an effective seal between the body of the valve and the spinning element.

For additional information on specific pump and valve packings, please click the “see product” buttons below. The WRC and food will both have availability information, technical specifications, and, if applicable, contact details displayed on their respective websites.
If you’re unsure if compression packing would be ideal for your application, we’ve included a comparison table below to help you decide. This contrasts several qualities, including temperature ratings and chemical compatibility.
As an alternative, you can discuss your demands with our technical sales team. You can take advantage of our lowest prices and free shipping on purchases over £50 when you get all of our common pump and valve packings from PAR Direct online. To get started, click the “buy online” option above.

PTFE Pump & Valve Packing

Klinger K49
Graphited PTFE

Manufactured from PTFE filament yarns with an encapsulated graphite based lubricant. This allows rapid dispersion of heat in high speed applications. Suitable for use with potable water. Temperature range of -240°C up to +280°C.

Klinger K54F
Pure PTFE – FQ

K54 pure PTFE packing is food contact approved. The self-lubricating PTFE yarns are highly resistant to most chemicals, with the exception of molten alkali metals. Temperature range of -240°C up to +260°C.

Klinger K54H
Pure PTFE – Lubricated

Similar to K54F but the additional mineral based lubricant provides a low level of friction, allowing for high peripheral speeds without sacrificing performance. Temperature range of -240°C up to +260°C.

Klinger K54S

Similar to K54F but without the food contact application approval. This packing is suitable for dynamic pump and valve applications involving potable drinking water. Temperature range of -240°C up to +260°C.

Klinger K55
Graphited PTFE

PTFE filaments incorporating a high quality, graphite based lubricant. The PTFE provides exceptional chemical resistance while the graphite lubricant make it suitable for high speed, dynamic applications. Temperature range of -200°C up to +280°C.

Klinger K4322
Graphited PTFE Yarn

Made from braided PTFE yarns which have been pre-treated with a graphite based lubricant. As with other graphited PTFE packings, this provides chemical resistance while maintaining its high speed capability. Temperature range of -240°C up to +280°C.

Graphite & Carbon Pump & Valve Packing

Klinger K40
Graphited Carbon Fibre

Manufactured from high purity carbon fibre yarns pre-treated with a graphite based lubricant. These are braided around an inconel wire reinforced core for enhanced performance in high pressure environments. Temperature range of -100°C up to +430°C.

Klinger K44
Pure Graphite – Lubricated

Pure graphite filaments lubricated with additional graphite and mineral oils. This results in a high performance packing with excellent capabilities in high speed dynamic applications. Resists almost all media. Temperature range of -240°C up to +430°C.

Klinger K46
Carbon Based

K46 is a carbon based packing which is often used as an economical grade compared to pure graphite packings. Commonly used in conjunction with K3222 packing as supporting rings in a composite packing ‘set’. Temperature range of -240°C up to +430°C.

Klinger K3222
Expanded Graphite

Expanded graphite ribbons are used to create a soft, flexible compression packing that requires minimal pressure to create an effective seal. It also has excellent temperature and chemical resistance. Temperature range of -200°C up to +430°C.

Klinger K3222W
Inconel Reinforced

Like K3222, it is made using expanded graphite ribbons but incorporates a fine inconel wire through the packing. This provides a soft, flexible product with the inclusion of added mechanical strength. Temperature range of -200°C up to +430°C.

Synthetic Fibre Pump & Valve Packing

Klinger K10
Acrylic & PTFE

The base yarn of acrylic filaments are combined with a moderate amount of PTFE dispersions. The PTFE enhances the chemical resistance and it is also suitable for use with potable water. Temperature range of -100°C up to +260°C.

Klinger K11
Graphited Acrylic

K11 is also manufactured from a base yarn of acrylic filaments but is combined with graphite dispersions. This improves the overall chemical resistance of the packing and reduces the coefficient of friction. Temperature range of -100°C up to +300°C.

Klinger K25
Aramid & PTFE

Manufactured with high tensile strength aramid fibre yarns, lubricated through with PTFE. This provides excellent dimensional stability and good abrasion resistance to suspended solids within fluids. Temperature range of -100°C up to +280°C.

Klinger K4303
Glass Fibre & PTFE

Glass fibre yarns are impregnated with a PTFE dispersion. This results in a packing with superior thermal resistance and tensile strength. The PTFE filler acts to enhance the overall chemical resistance. Temperature range of -100°C up to +290°C.

Klinger K4310
Graphited Glass Fibre

K4310 has the highest maximum operating temp of all compression packings due to the glass fibre yarn and graphite lubricant. As with K4303, the glass yarns provide tensile strength and dimensional stability. Temperature range of -50°C up to +450°C.

Klinger K4333
Polyimide Filament

The polyimide filaments, combined with a PTFE lubricant, give this packing excellent mechanical properties, temperature resistance, and a wide tolerance to the majority of chemicals. Temperature range of -80°C up to +260°C.

Hybrid Pump & Valve Packing

Klinger K4311
Aramid & PTFE

Manufactured using a combination of aramid and PTFE yarns. The main PTFE element is chemical resistant and self-lubricating, while the aramid fibre edges reduce the effects of abrasive media. Temperature range of -100°C up to +280°C.

Klinger K4313
Aramid & Graphite PTFE

Another hybrid compression packing. This time, the PTFE yarns are encapsulated in graphite which makes the packing self-lubricating, resistant to high temperatures, and suitable for high peripheral speeds. Temperature range of -100°C up to +280°C.

Injectable Pump & Valve Packing

Injectable Packing

Injectable packing is a general purpose, water resistant option that is suitable for pumping into internal voids in valve and pump applications. This may remove the need for machinery strip downs, as opposed to typical compression packings above. Temperature range of -62°C up to +288°C.

Technical Specification

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