Technical Specification of PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) Impeller :

  1. PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) IMPELLER has high mechanical strength,
  2. PVDF has High tensile strength and hardness.
  3. Good insulation properties for electronics.
  4. PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) IMPELLER has high chemical resistance.
  5. Self-extinguishing.
  6. PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) IMPELLER working on low water absorption.
  7. PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) IMPELLER has good adhesiveness and paint ability.
  8. Low impact strength.
  9. In white colour weatherproof.

 Petron Thermoplast provide superior quality customized Engineering Plastic Products with favorable price and excellent service, We offer high quality Plastic Part, Industrial Plastic Part, Injection Molding part, Plastic Molded Part in Both manufacturing types Molded or Machining, PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) IMPELLER Polyvinyl chloride is a flame retardant material with an exceptional chemical resistance and also with lower stress cracking. PVDF Impeller(POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) Impeller possesses high mechanical strength, tensile strength and a continuous operating temperature from 0 °C to +60 °C. lt can also be easily glued and welded.
PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) PVDF Impeller High rigidity, strength and hardness at increased temperatures (+85 °C).


We are provide customized engineering part in following material : PVDF, PEEK, POM, PA, PMMA, ABS, PP, UHMWPE, PVC, CPVC, PSS, PEI, PPSU, PSU, E-CTEF etc.


  • Chemical Pumps part.
  • Gasket. Industrial Gasket.
  • Spacer for electroplating industries.
  • Supporting stand for the coating industry.

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