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Refractory Coated Glass Cloth

Refractory Coated Glass Cloth

Vermiculite is applied on refractory coated glass cloth on both sides, which offers great resistance to high temperatures. Vermiculite receives a coating of platelets that melt at high temperatures after being treated with a mineral-based aqueous dispersion. This aids in shielding the primary glass cloth material from direct heat sources like solder and molten metal. Because of these qualities, refractory coated glass cloth is frequently used in the metal and foundry industries to make high temperature connectors, sleeves, and welding blankets.

Refractory coated glass cloth is available in roll form, cut to size, or custom-made to meet your needs. By visiting the aforementioned link, you can purchase it from PAR Direct online as well.

Key Features

  • The temperature can reach +1000°C. The treatment makes the fabric resistant to temperatures up to +1000°C; but, after being exposed to such a temperature, the fabric will have locally brittleened. Up to 1000°C of molten metal can be contained by the cloth until it cools and solidifies.
  • Durable.
  • high-temperature performance that is excellent.

Technical Specification:

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