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Resin Coated Fibreglass Sleeving

Resin Coated Fibreglass Sleeving

Fiberglass braided yarns are used to create resin-coated fibreglass sleeving, which is then coated with a variety of resins. The sleeving is strong and long-lasting, provides outstanding resistance to high temperatures, and keeps its tight structure even under intense vibration, abrasion, and mechanical stress.

In challenging industrial applications, coated fibreglass sleeving is frequently used to reflect or trap heat in conditions up to +650°C. Additionally, it has UL recognition and a VW-1 flammability certification. By clicking the above link, you may order resin-coated fibreglass sleeving from PAR Direct online.


Thermal protection for hoses, cables and wires in high temperature environments. Most commonly used in engine manifolds and exhaust systems.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -70°C to +650°C continuous (glass melting point +1120°C).
  • Flammability rating of VW-1.
  • UL recognised.
  • Coated with high temperature resins.
  • Good resistance to gasoline and engine chemicals.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Will not burn, melt or become brittle when used within the continuous temperature range.
  • Easy to install (cuts with scissors).

Technical Specification:

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