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Rope Lagging

Depending on your purpose, rope lagging can be made from ceramic or glass fibre with a variety of braiding possibilities. Glass rope lagging is produced using blown glass fibres with a conventional partial overbraid of glass strands. A blown ceramic fibre core with a standard partial overbraid of either nickel chrome wire or glass yarn reinforced ceramic yarns is used to create ceramic rope lagging.

Temperature: +550°C (glass fibre), +1260°C (ceramic fibre base fabric).

Please note that the ceramic fibre products can be produced with either a glass yarn or wire reinforcement. The glass yarn reinforcement is rated up to +550°C, the wire reinforcement is rated up to +1000°C.

Key Features: It is lightweight and resilient with excellent resistance to high temperatures. It also has low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability and is resistant to thermal shock.

Applications: Sealing rings, expansion joint packing on boilers, chimney door seals, heat exchanger seals, furnace seals, kiln seals, oven door seals, bulbs for tadpole seal.

Technical Specification:

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