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Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

In pipe systems, rubber expansion joints are intended to correct for axial movement and parallel or angular misalignment. For a variety of applications, Petron Thermoplast offers rubber expansion joints made from different rubber compounds.

Key Features

  • Up to 16 bar of pressure rating (depending on bore size).
  • Adjust for ground vibration, movement, and movement.
  • Accessible in a range of rubber compositions.
Flange Details:

Swivel Flanges

Flanges with Tie Rods, Nuts & Washers

Swivel-style standard flanges are made of carbon steel with a zinc coating as a matter of course. On request, stainless steel is offered. Any normal table size or custom size may be drilled into them. On demand, vacuum support rings (also known as anti-vac rings) can be provided. They are refitted within the bellows’ arch and made of springy stainless steel.

Technical Specification:

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